About Us

The Huddle building was built in the 1950's and operating as a manufacturer for years, providing stability and employment to the working community. Today, the huddle building continues to give back to the community through its development of affordable and collaborative work space.

Unlike traditional, expensive office spaces, Huddle provides a unique opportunity to reduce working costs and expenses. We have 13,500 feet of affordable private office space; communal work spaces, dedicated desks and professional boardrooms to host important and confidential meetings. We offer all levels and options of affordability, comfort and privacy.

Why Is Community so Important to Us?

Community is the backbone of Huddle. Community is what we believe, separates us from our competitors and other office spaces. Sure, we could offer a working environment that is just that; a professional place to work, a place to hold meetings, a place to conduct business. But we strive for more at Huddle. We strive to create working relationships, opportunities for our members, and collaborative opportunities to learn from one another. We strive not only to create a conducive working environment, but an environment that promotes a sound mind and a sound body. We strive to create community.